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How it works

Taking Continuing Education at Texas Cosmo is simple.

1. Sign up:On menu bar, click on Courses to go to courses page then click on the Register and fill out the online registration form..

It only takes a few minutes to sign up and you can get started right away.
All You need is Your Cosmetology License License Number
The Invoice will be sent via your registered email later

If you want to Pay by Mail, send a money order to:
Texas Cosmo
13810 Charterhouse Way
Sugar Land TX 77498-6308
Along with your Cosmetology license number and phone number.

2. Start the course: Once you have registered, you will begin the course immediately.

Log off: We keep track of your progress, so when you log back on It will take you back where you left off.
Receive your Certificate: Upon finishing the entire course, you will receive your Certificate of Completion via your Email.

We, Provider also submit your result to TDLR.

It is time to sign up and get started with your Continuing Education Program.

Thanks for choosing Texas Cosmo!

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